Side Quests 3

26 Digjong Front

Sidequest – Patience of the Mantis

Patience of the Mantis

Sidequest – Claws of the Tiger

Claws of the Tiger

Sidequest – Wings of the Crane

Wings of the Crane

Sidequest – Sneferus Come to Visit

Sneferus Come to Visit

Sidequest – Paws of the Panda

Paws of the Panda

Sidequest – Tail of the Monkey

Tail of the Monkey

Sidequest – Small Trouble in Big China

Small Trouble in Big China

Sidequest – Digjong Sports Tournament

Digjong Sports Tournament

Sidequest – Jiangshi’s Shadow

Jiangshi's Shadow

Sidequest – Poacher’s Trail

Poacher's Trail

Sidequest – The Secret of Shangri-La

The Secret of Shangri-La

Sidequest – Chinese Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine


3 China
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