Main Map Egypt

1 Egypt Camp Front


Sidequest – Lost Music

Available after the 6th Anubis location (Dry Oasis)

Sidequest – Mr. Bill The Alchemist

Mine not available in the new version of the game

Sidequest – Aknathon’s run for pharaoh

Available after the 1st Thoth location (Palace of Justice)

Sidequest – Wealthy Stranger

Available after the 10th Maahes location (Boot camp)

Sidequest – Hydroeletric Dam

Available after the 15th Ptah location (Scaly Serpentines) and the main-sidequest (Rocky Mountainside)

Sidequest – Big trouble in small Egypt

Available after the 6th Hathor location (Monastery of Joy)

Sidequest – Happy Occasion

Available after completing Hathor’s quest line


1 Egypt
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