Side Quests 2

14 Fjordheim Front


Sidequest – Sneferu travels to Scandinavia

Available after the 8th Skadi location (Abandoned Sportservice)

Sneferu travels to Scandinavia

Sidequest – North Pole Expedition

Available after the 9th Loki location (Loki’s Lexical Institute)

North Pole Expedition

Sidequest – Famous Dwarven Smithing

Available after the 12th Bragi location (Jarl Olaf Condert Hall)

Famous Dwarven Smithing

Sidequest – Idun’s Golden Apples

Available after the 7th Freya location (Frozen Gardens)

Idun's Golden Apples

Sidequest – Giant Culture

Available after the 12th Njord location (Njord’s Cabin)

Giant Culture

Sidequest – Adventures of Beowulf

Available after the 6th Frigga location (Thermal Cave)

Adventures of Beowulf

Sidequest – The Saplings of Yggdrasil

Available after the 12th Odin location (Golden Wings Beauty Salon)

The Saplings of Yggdrasil


2 Scandinavia
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