Father Atlantis


Quest – Plato’s Dialogues

  1. Plato’s Place of Rest
  2. Alien Temple
  3. Temple of Egyptian Princes
  4. Temple of Mesopotamian Princes
  5. Temple of Chinese Princes
  6. Temple of South American Princes
  7. Temple of Caucasian Princes

Quest – Cousteau’s Documentary

  1. Fiji Islands
  2. Polluted Shallow Sea
  3. Seaweed Vortex
  4. Mariana Trench

Available after «Waking Mnemosyne»

  1. Gardner Island
  2. Pacific Ocean Floor
  3. Wreckage Coast

Available after «Waking Atlas»

  1. Bermuda Islands
  2. USS Proteus Shipwreck
  3. Coral Reef
  4. Temple of Teleports

Available after «Saving Atlas»


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