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On this page you can find the necessary help to successfully complete the location Easterville, part of the Easter 2020 Event, in Mobile and Pc Version. Here you can find the tasks, walkthrough videos in Mobile and Pc Version, timestamps, energy cost and details. Also you can find walkthrough maps provided by Roeland.

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  1. The questgiver is Timmy In Diggy’s Camp
  2. Go to the location Easterville
    1. Talk To Timmy
    2. Collect 6 Easter Eggs
    3. Bring Easter Eggs To Timmy
    4. Talk To Timmy

Walkthrough Video – Mobile Version

  • 0:00 – Go to the location
  • 1:40 – Treasure Part 1

Walkthrough Video – Pc Version

  • 0:00 – Go to the location
  • 1:40 – Treasure Part 1


Here you can find the number of tiles and the energy cost to get the clear bonus

253 TilesEnergy RequiredClear Bonus
Egypt table
3,864energy icon3,900xp icon
Scandinavia table
24,613energy icon25,000xp icon
China table
71,015energy icon72,000xp icon
Atlantis table
141,310energy icon142,000xp icon
Greece table
244,695energy icon250,000xp icon
New World table
New World
348,480energy icon350,000xp icon
Terra table
436,145energy icon440,000xp icon


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