Chilli Out

Chilli Out Is a new mini event / special week. It will put you in the shoes of a chef, whose task is to cook as many good soups as possible, but be careful with chili peppers!

First we go to the repeatable location Chef’s Kitchen and collect the ingredients. The refresh time of the repeatable location Chef’s Kitchen is 4 hours or speed up the refresh with gems.

The Spin

With the spin you can get more ingredients to cook

You can get:

  • Pasta
  • Fish
  • Peas
  • Beans
  • Onios
  • Pots (rewards points)
  • Cooking ticket (to instantly cook without the need to wait)
  • Gems

Using the spin wheel will fill the red chili bar. When it gets full you get a chili.

The ingredient you get disappears. For example, if there are 4 fish and you have 1, on the next roll there are 3 fish. So we can hope that if we play enough we can even get the gems.

Time to Cook

After this explanation we can start cooking

In the green bag you can see all the ingredients that you have accumulated from the beginning.

You hit the green cook button and your ingredients are added randomly to the table. And this is where chili peppers come in. You lose when you add 3 chilies (the soup is very spicy). If this happens to you, you lose half of the pots you have collected (or you pay gems to try to get another ingredient in the place of the chili).

Of course, you can stop adding ingredients whenever you want by clicking on the red Finish button. And all the ingredients will be available for the next time you cook.

The pots you get from cooking will be added to the rewards bar. The more you get, the more rewards you will get


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