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On this page you can find the necessary help to successfully complete the location Storm Inn, part of the Diggy’s 1st Birthday Event, in Mobile and Pc Version. Here you can find the tasks, walkthrough videos in Mobile and Pc Version, timestamps, energy cost and details. Also you can find walkthrough maps provided by Roeland.

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  1. The Quest Giver is Father’s Hologram in Diggy’s Camp
  2. Go to the location
    1. Talk to Guard
    2. Dig out 60 Dirt Tiles
    3. Move the Barrel
    4. Talk to Šimon the Ceo

Walkthrough Video – Mobile Version

  • The video will be available soon

Walkthrough Video – Pc Version

  • The video will be available soon


Here you can find the number of tiles and the energy cost to get the clear bonus

MapStorm Inn
Energy Required34,907energy icon
Clear Bonus35,000 xp icon


Provided by Roeland

2013 1st Birthday Wiki – Google Drive


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